HTC’s VIVE will be at SXSW 2022 to showcase the company’s latest developments in virtual reality, which is a focal point for the company. Through the new Focus 3 headset, BEATDAY will be available as a new metaverse platform for concerts. In addition, VIVE will discuss how its VR technology will be integrated into other industries in the future, such as healthcare and intelligent cars.

The South by Southwest (or SXSW) festival starts today (March 11, 2022) and runs through March 20 in Austin, Texas. In addition to its shift away from smartphones, HTC is at this event for another reason. VIVE, the company’s main VR industry branch, displays some of its latest applications and collaborations, making devices like the Focus 3 even more valuable and influential in the future.

One of them is BEATDAY, VIVE’s 3D metaverse explicitly designed for concerts. Participants of SXSW 2022 will be able to experience this platform and save an NFT avatar to remember it by. Using the “latest volumetric capture technology” will improve the user’s experience and lower perceived physical boundaries.

The Taiwanese indie band Amazing Show will take the first slot on BEATDAY, followed by Focus 3. VIVE will also start producing virtual reality films, beginning with The Sick Rose, an “immersive” animation created with TurnRhino Original Design.

With its North American premiere at SXSW, the partially interactive film combines traditional Taiwanese dough-figure art with stop-motion and VIVE technology. Aside from that, VIVE has extended its partnership with healthcare technology company MyndVR.

With MyndConnect, seniors can engage with family members in a metaverse setting, reducing loneliness. HTC VIVE’s newest entertainment offering, “Elastic Content,” was developed with the business group Holoride in conjunction with driving in automobiles equipped with Focus-series glasses.

These new assets are now a part of HTC’s “VIVERSE vision” and will be added to the OEM’s VR product line, open, secure, and safe for consumers and commercial firms.