With the latest patch update, Battlegrounds Mobile India addresses a number of issues

Battlegrounds Mobile India, often known as BGMI, has gotten a new patch update that fixes a number of bugs in the multiplayer game. According to developer Krafton, the new patch will address a glitch in the game that affects player speed as well as a bug in which applying a player’s sensitivity codes did not operate as planned. A problem with the sight while using a certain weapon has also been resolved. Meanwhile, according to Krafton, the patch fixes a problem with a premium crate in the game, removing an item that was accidentally given to players.

Krafton said on Thursday that it has corrected a bug in the newest version of BGMI that caused sporadic quicker speeds on Nimbus Island, which could be exploited by players, in a new set of patch notes. Meanwhile, the patch fixes an issue where the sensitivity code of another Battlegrounds Mobile India player was not being applied. Sensitivity codes enable gamers to share their unique camera, aim down sight (ADS), and gyroscope sensitivity settings, which other players may use.

Krafton has corrected a problem with the Merry Tidings – UZI weapon skin that caused players to be unable to see through the weapon’s scope in the game with the current patch release. According to the developer, the patch update will be deployed when the game is next resumed, and it will address these difficulties.

In another post, Krafton said it had fixed a bug with a premium crate in BGMI that gave players a “unintended” item among the guaranteed prizes when they opened the box 10, 20, or 30 times. While there’s no indication on what the unwanted in-game item is, the developer claims it’s been gone – a future notification will outline Krafton’s strategy for players who obtained it before it was removed.

Krafton issued a repair for its Lamborghini crate earlier this week, changing the skins for the flamboyant new automobiles launched last month. For all Lamborghini skins, the maximum speed for the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Verde Alceo and Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Verde was set to be the same. For the week ending April 10, the business also stated that it has banned about 50,000 users for cheating and other unlawful conduct in the popular battle royale game.

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