The Cane Corso is a gorgeous, perceptive, and guard dog. Nevertheless, despite how much we like them here at Americana, we are aware that they are not everyone’s ideal pet. Here are several factors that might make this gorgeous Italian Mastiff a poor choice for your household or maybe a few reasons it WOULD be.

Training Potential

Cane Corso want to protect and keep “their” people secure, as was previously said. They may thus become hostile and may retaliate if they feel threatened. You must be ready to train one of these magnificent creatures if you decide to bring it home.

It is not a suitable match for your family if you are aware that you lack the capacity to be consistent, tough, and establish rules for this dog. The cane corso puppy is a highly bright dog that is ready to please his owner and will react well if you are prepared to educate them, however.


Any big breed dog needs plenty of room, but a Cane Corso needs it more than any other. This breed is quite possessive, and they like pacing the territory that is “theirs.” They seek to protect their people and are always looking out for threats.

You must have a large, fenced-in yard for this dog because to its size, demand for exercise, and desire to defend its property. In case they misread danger and become hostile, fencing is required. You must have a sizable place for your Cane Corso if you want to keep them secure and content.


A Cane Corso owner must devote a lot of time to caring for them. This is related to training in that if you don’t have the time or energy to train a Cane Corso, you also won’t have the time or energy they need to go outside and exercise.

You must take your Cane Corso outdoors so that it may burn off some of the energy that comes with being a big breed dog. It is also crucial to socialize them in a safe environment where you can watch over them and model the appropriate conduct towards other dogs.

Therefore, ask yourself some questions and be completely honest with your answers before bringing a cute new Cane Corso puppy home.

  • Can I devote enough time and care to this dog?
  • Do I have the room and resources they require?
  • Will they accept my rules around humans and other canines if I can teach them firmly?

We hope to meet you soon if you can confidently respond “yes” to each of those questions. You are a fantastic match for one of our pups here at Americana!