Should You Buy or Rent Video Equipment

A camera, a few lenses and some basic sound equipment could be the best starting point for beginner video content creators or small production companies. However, the question is whether to buy or rent?

Buying offers ownership and potential for long-term investment, but it also requires a higher initial cost. Here are a few things to consider before you decide:


If you need to rent specialized equipment, such as stabilization rigs, car mounts, jibs or cranes it can quickly add up. Having to make large monthly payments for specialized gear that may only be used once or twice a year is not ideal. This also takes up valuable storage space on a set, and expensive insurance must be purchased.

If you decide to buy your own equipment, it offers a sense of ownership and potential long-term investment value. However, it can also come with a lot of upfront costs and ongoing expenses like maintenance and upgrades. Additionally, equipment can often become obsolete within a few years of purchasing it. This can make renting a much more viable option for most content creators.


Video equipment rental offers more flexibility than buying. For example, if a project calls for a different type of camera or lens, you can change gear without incurring extra costs. This allows you to develop your skills and become more versatile. In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The rental company takes care of all repairs and upgrades, so you can focus on the creative process.

Another advantage of renting is that it saves space. Large filming equipment can be a hassle to store and can take up valuable studio space that you might need for other projects. Also, many rental companies offer a convenient shipping service so that your equipment is waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. This is especially helpful for traveling filmmakers who don’t want to deal with the stress of lugging around their equipment. Lastly, it reduces the need for costly storage and insurance. This can be particularly useful for production companies and freelance filmmakers who don’t have a lot of capital to invest in equipment.


Renting video equipment can save you money on equipment that you might only use a few times a year. It is also a lot more cost-effective than purchasing the same piece of equipment for tens of thousands of dollars.

When renting equipment, you can get a taste of the latest technology without having to commit to it. This will help you become a more versatile filmmaker and enable you to produce better quality videos on a smaller budget.

Large filming equipment takes up a lot of space and can be expensive to store when not in use. Rental companies can reduce these costs by storing your gear while you are not using it. This will also allow you to pass on the rental cost of your equipment to your clients, which can make you more profitable. This is especially beneficial for small video production companies or freelance filmmakers who may not be able to afford to buy all of the equipment they need.


Purchasing equipment can require significant upfront costs and may include ongoing maintenance, upgrades, and insurance. However, renting video equipment eliminates the need for costly storage and saves studio space that could be used for other purposes. It also helps reduce the need for additional staff and can make operations run more smoothly.

The cost flexibility of rental equipment is a major benefit for those who are working within tight budgets. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on high-quality equipment, you can rent multiple pieces that will help you achieve the desired look for your project. If you’re not sure what type of equipment you need, renting will also allow you to try different models and find the right fit for your needs and budget. Moreover, you can avoid paying for equipment that you’ll only use once or twice and instead pay a much smaller amount per shoot. The rental company will be responsible for any necessary maintenance or repairs.

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