How to Determine Whether an RV Windshield Replacement Is Required

For many folks, RV windshield replacement is an unavoidable evil. This is especially true for individuals who live in hot, dry conditions, which is why Arizona always has a large number of repair projects each year. However, even if you merely travel on the highway often, you might frequently sustain damage.

What causes RV windshield damage?

The windshield of the RV is made up of three levels. There are two pieces of glass separated by a thin layer of polyvinyl butyrate (PVB). This PVB is the plastic coating that prevents everything from falling apart. The impact of an item on the glass causes damage depending on the density of the exterior layer. Unless there is a significant impact, the whole windshield will usually not break apart.

In most cases, a little chip will be the end consequence. Because these little chips do not seem to be significant, most individuals put off repairing them. This is especially true if the issue is not on the driver’s side. However, they generally develop into a fracture soon long, and the majority of them spread over time. Driving in poor road conditions or subjecting the car to considerable temperature swings might exacerbate the issue.

RV Windshield Replacement vs. Repair

Obviously, everyone is curious in the age-old subject of whether to just repair the damaged region or replace the complete windshield. That is entirely dependent on how quickly you resolve the issue.

Chips that are 3 inches broad or smaller do not usually need a whole RV Windshield replacement, and the issue may usually be resolved with a simple patch. This is why it is vital to bring the car in as soon as you see a little chip. If a glass firm advises you that it has to be replaced, acquire at least a couple additional views before proceeding.

When a crack emerges, though, windshield replacement is your only choice. This may frequently cost $500 or more; however, the real cost depends on the kind of vehicle or truck you have and the type of windshield you purchase. For example, original car manufacturer windshields are often more expensive than aftermarket alternatives.

Furthermore, many contemporary windshields have heating choices, sun coating, and other amenities that raise the price. As a result, purchasing a windshield with fewer bells and whistles will save you money.

If you determine that windshield replacement is the best option for you, you have a few options. First and foremost, ensure that your insurance covers it. It does in a lot of cases. The issue is that many insurances have deductibles that are more than the cost of replacement or repair. If that’s the case, you’ll have to foot the bill.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Glass Company

If you must pay for it, get a number of internet pricing quotations before deciding on a firm. Also, be certain that they have a solid guarantee. Because their work is of poor quality, several of the less expensive providers offer extremely limited warranties.

Make sure to check reviews about the glass business you’re thinking about hiring. A poorly placed windshield may often cause difficulties with the factory seal. This is quite tough to correct. This may cause leaks and even water damage, not to mention that the whole windshield may fail in the case of a collision. As a result, researching about firms and ensuring that their feedback is positive is critical. Our recommendation is RV Glass Guru, which gives extraordinary service.


RV windshield replacement may be costly, so you should be certain it is definitely necessary before proceeding. If a minor fix would suffice, go for it. If not, be sure to take your time and choose a provider that will perform a good job. The RV Windshield replacement may be more expensive initially, but the long-term advantages will be worth it.

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