In live action films, the Joker figure is nearly always a safe choice. In ‘The Batman,’ the character was presented in one of the closing sequences of the film, although it was just for a few seconds with Paul Dano’s ‘Riddler’ character. Director Mat Reeves confirmed the existence of a sequence between the Joker and the Batman in Arkham Asylum after the film’s release, which he opted to keep out of the final cut. It was ultimately published on Thursday, but the character’s popularity outnumbers the person who plays him. Matt Reeves took his time deciding who would play the new Joker, especially given how recent Joaquin Phoenix’s performance was.

When Heath Ledger won the Academy Award for his performance in ‘The Dark Knight,’ he set a stupidly high bar. Keoghan is still relatively unknown to the bulk of the globe, and his filmography is limited, as he only began his career in 2011. Keoghan, who is only 29 years old, shot to fame with his role in the 2016 film ‘Mammal.’ ‘The Killing of a Sacred Dear,’ on the other hand, was the breakout performance he had hoped for, and it came in 2018. But it was only the local cinema circuit; Barry still had to face the biggest opponent of all: Hollywood.

Koeghan transitions from Nolan’s muse to the realm of comic books

His portrayal of George Mills in the World War II blockbuster ‘Dunkirk’ earned him the Hollywood keys he had hoped for. That 2017 picture was the one that drew him to both Marvel and DC for two pivotal roles in his career. Following his role as Druig in Chloe Zhao’s minor ‘Eternals’ film, it was finally his turn to shine as Matt Reeves’ Joker in ‘The Batman’ picture. A well guarded secret that was finally disclosed several months before the film’s release in 2022. He verified that he was cast in the film, but he never said who he was portraying. We now know his interpretation of the character will be very different from what the public has seen before, according to Thursday’s whole sequence.