Itanagar, the state capital of Arunachal Pradesh, is a popular tourist destination. Itanagar is a lovely town in the Papum Pare District. It is located in the Himalayan foothills. The earliest depictions of the location may be found in ancient epics such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Several tribes governed Itanagar throughout historic times, including the Adis, Nyishis, Galos, Miri’s, and Apatanis. They are still plentiful in different parts of Itanagar today, and the government offers various monies to those tribes.

Itanagar was controlled by the Ahom dynasty in the 16th century. The tribes conquered the areas around Itanagar. The Ita Fort is one of the greatest Ahom dynasty developments. The Monpa chiefs dominated the state’s northwestern region. The Monpa tribal leader is said to be the Monyul Empire’s element. During 500 B.C., the Monyul Dynasty flourished. When these tourist attractions were too well-known, the British invaded Itanagar and controlled it harshly, torturing the locals. You may learn about daily updates and current events by visiting our Itanagar news blog.


The Itanagar Wildlife Sanctuary is a popular tourist destination in the city. The Sanctuary, which spans a large region, is a haven for biologists and visitors with a keen interest in wildlife. The Sanctuary features a diverse range of plants and critters and maintains a perfect ecological equilibrium. Visitors to the Sanctuary may witness a variety of animals and birds. The sanctuary’s particular animals and birds include the macaque, hoolock gibbon, Capped langur, and slow loris. Rare antelope and Mittan species may also be found here. Musk deer, Himalayan black bears, red pandas, and porcupines are notably evident here, along with around 400 kinds of rare birds.

Lake Ganga

Ganga Lake is around 6 kilometers from the center of Itanagar. This body of water, situated on the outskirts of a mountainous area, is surrounded by thick and lush foliage, lending the location its amazing attractiveness. As we travel down the twisting roads to this location, we will be astounded by some breath-taking sights. Fascinating orchids, massive wooden trees, pure waters of the millpond, and breathtaking mountain scenery are just a few of the things to look forward to while visiting Ganga Lake. The local tourist board has spruced up the lake enough to persuade visitors to visit this intriguing location.

Ita Fort

The Ita Fort is one of the city’s most important architectural sites. In actuality, the city of Itanagar takes its name from the Ita Fort, which is located in the state’s Papum Pare district. The stronghold is claimed to have been built by the Ahom monarchs who ruled this area in the 14th and 15th centuries. This extraordinary, irregularly shaped structure is made of thousands of bricks. This massive fort is said to have three distinct gates placed on the citadel’s western, eastern, and southern sides. Ita Fort is without a doubt one of Itanagar’s most spectacular structural sites.

Temple of Buddhism

Itanagar is densely packed with monasteries that resound with mysticism. Buddhist includes a frequent phrase such as “Desire is the root-cause of all troubles,” which Lord Buddha coined in Itangar. One such holy cluster is Buddha Vihar, which is located on the city’s outskirts. The temple’s surroundings provide a safe impression to conventional Buddhist constructions. The golden edifice stands out in stark contrast to the lush green carpet of the wide grass. As we go through the temple’s somewhat sized hallway, we are likely to come across the eye-catching Buddhist made objects of religious significance. The Buddha Vihar is not just a necessary religious pilgrimage but also a popular tourist site in the state.

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