Vaping has become more popular in the past few years all over the world. Many people started swapping to electronic cigarettes from their normal nicotine cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are not that much harmful as traditional cigarettes. These are available in various devices among that, Elux Legend is the most popular disposable bar. This disposable bar is a type of electronic cigarette that comes with prefilled liquid for easy use after the purchase.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Vaping:

With the increase of these vaping products, more people simply purchase these products without knowing how to keep them running smoothly. The following are some of the tips for maintenance and care for vaping that help your vape long life and function effectively without any issues.

Clean the Tank:

The vape tank is an important part of an electronic cigarette. It is the place where the e-liquids are stored so that they can be evaporated by the user. The vape tank becomes very dirty, sticky, and potentially damaging if the tank goes untouched without being cleaned for a longer period of time. It also impacts the taste quality and your overall vaping experience.

The tank should be properly removed and emptied into a suitable container in order to clean your vape tank. Also, remove the coils and the surrounding parts that haven’t cleared recently. It is important to clean the tank in warm water with the use of a mild detergent or isopropyl alcohol. After the proper rinse, let it dry in the air fully before using it again.

Changing the Coils Regularly:

The vape coil is one of the main components, which helps in heating the vape liquid. It converts the e-liquid into vapor so that it can be inhaled. Because of this reason, the coil in the vaping device must be replaced regularly when you start to notice some signs such as unpleasant tasting and burnt flavored smell.

It is not possible to clean the vape coils, so you need to replace them. In simple devices like vape pens, it is an easy and simple process. You need to remove the current coil by unscrewing the atomizer head and then fit a new coil. It is advised not to use the vape straight away, instead of allowing the e-liquid to soak into the wick in order to avoid burning.

Fill in the Correct E-Liquid:

If you are using a large vaporizer, you should not overfill or underfill the tank with your vape juice. You are risking the liquid leaking from the vape when you are overfilling the tank which also causes more damage to the tank. Running a low tank of e-liquid allows the vape to run dry as well as produces an unpleasant taste and causes more damage to the coils.


Apart from the above, it is important to take good care of the battery of your electronic cigarette. A dirty battery terminal affects the performance of your device. And also, make sure to avoid over-tightening of the device components in order to prevent external damages.

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