WaterHog Mats for Schools – A Solution for Busy Hallways

Maintaining safe and clean hallways at school can be challenging, but installing floor mats in key spots is one simple solution that can make life easier. Not only will mats reduce mess but they’ll add style to entryways – creating pride among students at your school!

Custom Logo Mat is best way to show your school pride is with custom-made mats bearing its name and logo that can be placed at any entranceway to make people feel welcomed into this learning and working environment. This makes everyone feel proud to call it home!

WaterHog Entrance Mats

These WaterHog floor mats boast an innovative bi-level design that traps dirt and moisture below foot level to keep floors clean and dry, as well as providing an anti-slip surface – making them suitable for high traffic areas.

The WaterHog Classic entry floor mat from Ultimate Mats provides your school with all of the safety and protection it needs for everyone inside, making a statement of commitment to keeping all occupants secure in an uncertain climate. Crafted from polypropylene material renowned for being durable yet crushproof and weatherproof. Furthermore, its WaterDam Technology helps retain up to 1.5 gallons per square yard – an excellent choice in areas prone to heavy rainfall or unpredictable climate conditions.

Waterhog mats feature drainage borders designed to allow excess water to drain off, leaving your floors dry and clean. Plus, these stain-resistant and easy-care mats make maintenance simple!

Designer Mats

Add an extra splash of color to your entrance with our selection of designer mats! Not only are these durable floor mats, but they come equipped with an eye-catching fabric border in matching hues as well!

Fashion Earth Friendly Entrance Floor Mats

For high traffic entryways that need an updated aesthetic, consider fashion Earth friendly entrance floor mats. Featuring a water dam border to keep water and dirt contained while its rubber backing reduces unnecessary movement on your floors, fashion Earth friendly entrance mats will add style to any high traffic entryway.

Diamond Cord Floor Mats Our diamond cord carpet mats feature raised rubber nubs underneath their patterns to prevent pile crushing. Not only are these exceptional performers, but their versatile color selection will suit any interior perfectly.

Eco Elite Floor Mats

Eco Elite floor mats offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to our Classic line of entry floor mats, using recycled PET polyester from recycled plastic bottles that provides durability as well as environmental benefits.

Herringbone Pattern Mats with 30oz PET Polyester surface fiber bonded to rubber backing are an excellent way to provide walk off floor mat systems in large entranceways or any other applications requiring walk off flooring systems.

These mats also come equipped with an innovative rubber-reinforced waffle surface designed to trap dirt and moisture below its contact surface, helping prolong its service life.

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