The agreement of building designs includes both rooflights and roof windows. Therefore, you are free to do so. It is nevertheless recommended to speak with your local government before beginning the project.

When choosing the ideal roof windows or flat roof rooflights, keep the following things in mind:


You can determine what kind of glazing is needed by inspecting the location where the unit will be positioned. Regarding this, there are several considerations. First off, excessive UV exposure may be highly bad for your interior as well as your health. In order to avoid having the windows in your building face directly south, you must be aware of the proper arrangement, such as vertical or slanting.


Similar to location, the size of the unit has a significant impact on how much light you need in your living area. It goes without saying that bigger sizes let more light into the rooms. By choosing the proper size of the glass, particularly for the vertical flat roof rooflights or roof windows, you can balance the quantity of natural light entering the space.

Ventilation and Access

Ventilation is one of the most important needs for warm roofing on chilly flat roofs. Simply provide a point of entry to the terrace. This aids in preserving the internal environment all year long.


Check for British Standards Institution certification when searching for the finest bespoke rooflights provider to verify that the business will adhere to industry standards. Additionally, the items of such a corporation are of the highest quality and grade.


The cost of the unit you’re interested in is one of the most crucial factors. Look up the most recent pricing before making a choice. Price tags for glazing modules may range from £250 to £1000. What you desire depends on your needs and budget.

Take care of the upkeep

To check for any leaks, cracks, or breaks, a thorough examination must be done every six months. Whether the device is electronic, check to see if the motor functions correctly. Use gentle cleaning supplies like fiber pieces and cleaning spray to thoroughly clean the glass and frames.

Where should my rooflight be placed?

You will benefit from regular quantities of natural light throughout the year if your rooflight faces north. A south-facing skylight, on the other hand, will provide more heat and may even enable you to lower your energy costs. If you have a bigger room, it is worthwhile to think about how you would want to use your skylight. In certain areas, the direction your rooflight faces will already be chosen for you.