Instagram has just added a function that enables users to like other users’ Stories. Because the functionality has already been pushed out to a wide number of devices, users should now see a heart symbol in the bottom right corner of the display while watching an Instagram Story. But that’s not all. Instagram is also working on additional features that will allow users to engage with stories more effectively.

On March 26, 2022, Alessandro Paluzzi posted a snapshot from his Twitter account, stating that Instagram is working on the ability to react to Stories with audio messages. The snapshot depicts rapid replies in the center of the display. A microphone symbol appears in the bottom right corner of the display, implying that users may be able to respond to Instagram Stories with voice recordings in the future.

Such a feature might be quite handy for individuals who want to respond to an Instagram Story but do not want to write. The capability may be utilized in situations when users want to provide a brief audio reply or discuss something in depth. Until now, users had responded to Instagram stories with the use of eight rapid responses, text messages, a GIF, or the newly announced heart reaction.

Instagram’s new function enables broadcasters to add moderators.

In related news, Instagram just unveiled a new function that allows broadcasters to add moderators. An Instagram live stream moderator will be able to disable comments, delete a particular viewer or several viewers from the live broadcast, and report any unsuitable or abusive remarks. Instagram creators have been clamoring for this functionality for a long time. Instagram Live, for example, has been active for more than five years.

Meanwhile, many other sites, like YouTube, Twitch, and even Clubhouse, provide assistance for moderators. It’s worth noting that Facebook, which used to be Instagram’s parent company (and is now a sibling business under Meta), also enables users to add moderators to live feeds. These moderators have more capabilities than average viewers of a live broadcast since they can delete, report, or turn off comments.